As a professional pumice pad manufacturer and Supplier from china, A+ Pumice Manufactory can provide you with high quality pumice and competitive price. Innovation and superior customer service aslo is our Credo.
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A Plus is the main manufacturer of pumice sponge in china.

Mini Disposable Pumice Bars PU Pumice Stone Brick
Disposable Pumice Bars PU Pumice Stone Brick


2 Coarseness In One Pumice Bar Assorted Shape Pumice
2 Coarseness In One Bar Assorted Shape Pumice


Pedicure Pumice Foot File Pumice stone Packing Samples
Pumice Foot File Packing Samples

A+ Pumice Manufactory

A Plus is the leader manufacturer and exporter of pumice sponge in China.
The Original Factory for pumice in YangJiang ( The Nail Tools Manufacturing Center in china ).
A+ pumice is the perfect combination of rigidity, flexibility and abrasives, offering an outstanding usage characteristic.
A+ pumice is enough strong with uniform, homogeneous structure. There are no holes, teardrops or any other structural inaccuracy. Therefore our products offer the same usage characteristics all over the outer surface and the inner.