A Plus Pumice is the leading pumice sponge manufacturer & supplier in china.
A+ Pumice manufactory is the branch factory of Etalady Corp.
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About A+ Pumice

Founded in 2006 to provide OEM manufacturing services to some of the top names in the nail industry, A+ Pumice has grown into one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of quality pumice sponge.

We are the Original Manufactory for pumice sponge in YangJiang (The Nail Tools Manufacturing Center in china).

For over the years, A+ Pumice's products are popular among the salons and wholesalers. Basic on our quality products, innovation, supperior customer service and high reliability.

As the main OEM manufacturer and supplier of pumice sponge in china, A+ Pumice sell lots of pumice pad to Europe, USA, Germany, Australia and Korea. Especially the disposable pumice sponge for pedicure foot care.

Our pumice is enough strong with uniform, homogeneous structure. There are no holes, teardrops or any other structural inaccuracy. Therefore our products offer the same usage characteristics all over the outer surface and the inner.

We have worked exuberantly to build a team of developers, who skilled in the area of design and manufacturing, which distinguishes us from other supplier. Our expertise in development and knowledge of the world market enables us to develop innovative products that cater to our different clientele.

We have strive to provide our customer with the best product and service possible from our wealth of knowledge, skills and experience, and that remains to be our goal for the future.

A+ Pumice Manufactory

Our main products:

  We can custom pumice sponge with different core, size or any color for you.

A+ Pumice Manufactory

Add: No.1, Mayan Industrial Park, Yangjiang, Guangdong, China. 529500

Tel: +86-662-3151112

Cel / WeChat / WhatsApp: +86-189 2636 5875

E-mail: info@apumice.com