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We have 10 years experience in handling OEM/ODM projects.
Our major 80% business is OEM/ODM business. And our 20% business is in china with our own brand "A+ Pumice"
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Laboratory & Technology

Ease Pumice Tool, Difficult Task

scissors design scissors designA+ Pumice's R&D is conducted in-house design with a team of professional and experienced engineers. The expertise of R&D is material development, product designing, mold development and mass production skills.

A+ Pumice's R&D team is capable of designing product structure, feture, color, function, and material used. The team uses latest market information to develop new designs for different market's need. Various materials such as PU, Rigid PU, PU Elastomers, plastic are designed in to diversify product futures.

A+ Pumice's R&D knows how to make affordable production as result of mass production technique with cost effective. Due to having flexible production equipment, A Plus is able to take not only large volume order, but also small amount orders. Therefore, the clients could benefit greatly from A+ Pumice's efforts.

The entire developing processes are divided into 4 stages, concept, planning, developing, and manufacturing. It takes 20 to 50 days for a new product to release. Prior to products release, project manager track and control the processes to ensure every thing is fine. When a project is drifting off-plan, PMs can bring the project back on track by taking corrective action.

scissors design

Any coarse, any color can be customized.

How does pumice work?

scissors designPUMICE sponge can be used to remove horny epidermis, as well as all kinds of hard-to-remove dirt from hands and feet.
The use is very simple and relies on:

1. Wetting the surface of the PUMICE,
2. Wetting the surface of skin where it will be applied,
3. Rubbing with PUMICE on the selected area.

As a result of friction, PUMICE simultaneously removes horny epidermis as well as dirt. The speed of epidermis removal can be regulated by use of greater pressure or by intensification of rubbing movements.

During the process of rubbing, thanks to the proper structure of PUMICE, cells of hard epidermis are removed by small, slowly self-chipping particles of PUMICE. Then, it is simply enough to rinse the PUMICE and skin with water to wash them away.

After the application of our PUMICE on your skin, your hands and feet will be soft, smooth, delicate and clean. This effect may be achieved immediately after the first use.

What is more, by using PUMICE you limit the use of chemical detergents, cleaning liquids and therefore add to protection of the Natural Environment.

scissors designAdvantage
Thanks to this process our PUMICE always remains colourful, does not have an unpleasant scent caused by decomposition of removed skin cells, and its surface always offers similar detersive characteristic.

This is major advantage of our PUMICE over natural volcanic rock, glass, stone or any other abrasion resisting PUMICE stones, which are not chipping out and self clearing.